Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Exciting news for talk radio junkies!

 I have an important new job.

I am filling-in for the fantastic Roger Hedgecock on his nationally syndicated radio program tomorrow from 9 am to Noon, and on Roger's local show on KOGO in San Diego from 3 pm to 7 pm Monday and Tuesday.

(Sorry folks, I couldn't resist the big tease, as we call it in radio.)

No, I'm not ready to come out of semi-retirement. I have too much work to do producing "From the Frontlines" with Michelle Malkin on June 26th to think seriously about a real paycheck.

But I am very honored to join with Mark Williams, (formerly of KFBK in Sacramento) to co-host for Roger this weekend.

Mark and I have worked together as co-hosts on KSFO in San Francisco, my former employer, and we have traveled together to Iraq (alongwith his wife Holly, of course!) Mark, Holly and I won the Associated Press Mark Twain Award for our live coverage of "Voices of Soldiers" in 2005

(Mark Williams pictured far right, Iraqi General Abdul Qader Mohammad Jassim in middle, Melanie Morgan far left)

Watch out when the two of us get together on the radio. We are like a couple of kids let loose in the candy store. Who knows what will happen, and who will be skewered by our laser focus on conservative causes!

I have stored up lots of things to talk about, so don't miss it tomorrow at 9:00 am on Hottalk 560 in San Francisco, KOGO in San Diego, and many other markets across the United States.

KOGO and Roger Hedgecock are proudly conservative, and wildly supportive of our military.

A winning combination all around.