Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The rest of the country is now being notified in press releases and emails what I have been hinting at on this website for the past few days.

The impossibly funny, smart, warm and intellectually driven Ann Coulter is going to join us in the live broadcast "From the Frontlines" on June 26th at presented by Move America Forward, and Kithbridge, Inc.

Liberals HATE Ann Coulter. Conservatives LOVE Ann Coulter. Most folks, though, don't know a side of her that I do. Ann is unstintingly generous in giving support to others who work to share our conservative ideals, and especially our American military.

Ann's late father nicknamed her "Hart" ...and that perfectly describes Ann. She has a huge HEART for our troops.

Melanie Morgan with Colonel Ollie North in Kuwait. Melanie
and Colonel North met with U.S. troops who were on their way to Iraq.
Melanie personally delivered thousands of the 226,000 Christmas
and holiday cards MAF collected for our troops.
(photo credit, Matt Sanchez)


Colonel Oliver North and his co-author Chuck Holton are now confirmed VIP guests appearing on "From The Frontlines."

Who better to tell the narrative of a winning war and the heroes who fight it?

I met Chuck Holton and Col. North when they bought me dinner a few months ago in Kuwait. And all I can offer them is a few stinkin' bagels when they join the broadcast. Via airmail.

....well, maybe more than that. I can give these two gentlemen my unflinching admiration, for a start.

Ollie North is a true American patriot.

Chuck is a Christian adreneline junkie, who travels all around the world reporting on the hot-spots, protected by the angels.  Right now he's in Haiti.

Read the new book by North and Holton, called "American Heroes." Pick it up for Father's day, or simply because it is a fantastic read.

And don't forget Ann's book, which is also a welcome gift!