Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

While appearing as a guest on blogtalk's A NEWT ONE last night to talk about our exciting new telethon coming up June 26th, I was cut-off. I didn't think too much of it, as that happens from time to time during live interviews.

Little did I know the backstory.


Listening to last night's very good show, highlighting the massive support the troops telethon being headlined by our friend Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward, you may have thought you were merely listening to a great show. Ah, don't be fooled. What was occurring behind the scenes, was as masterful a performance as you will ever witness, by an elite moonbat slaying tactician.

With the collective IQ of a grapefruit, A Newt One's enemies decided to launch a full-scale assault on last show, involving the same tired tactics that have been rebuffed a thousand times. Sure, it succeeded once-eons ago- but that is of little consequence to the larger battle.

After all, the sun shines on a dog's ass eventually. That moonbats lack the intellect and creativity to adapt, learn and recalibrate strategy, is a given. They can only retry the same strategy that once worked, in the vain hopes that it may work again. To adapt, requires problem solving skills-something moonbats just don't have. This is why they become the miserable failures they are.

Yet, what occurred last night, exceeds our normal (expected) level of intellectual and tactical superiority over the coalition of the unhinged.

Last night, while hosting the show, with an important guest, Snooper-by himself- conducted a symphony of slayage that can only be described as legendary. He rebuffed 52 moonbat inspired calls while never once losing his place in the show.

You, at home, didn't even notice.

The sheer collective intellectual prowess, held beneath the ANO roof, is the stuff of legend and lore. Congratulate Snooper today on a boot well placed on a troll's throat.


(P.S. The show participants sent out a challenge to donate to our care package efforts, beginning with a $250 contribution to Move America Forward from Paul. Thanks guys!)