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Tom McClintock's Blow-Out Win Over Doug Ose Is A Big Deal

Posted to – By Jon Fleischman, Publisher 

6-4-2008 8:11 am

Without a doubt, the Republican primary for California's Fourth Congressional District was the highest profile legislative race taking place in yesterday's statewide elections in California.  Whether you look at how the race shaped up locally, or how it was covered Inside The Beltway, the battle between conservative State Senator Tom McClintock and moderate former U.S. Representative Doug Ose was truly looked to as an election-day indicator of where the heart and soul of the GOP was, and whether Republicans want to see change in direction that their party has taken in the United States Capitol.

Despite the massive financial advantage of Doug Ose, who cracked open the family's platinum piggy-bank to spend a staggering some of personal money, well over $3 million, McClintock was victorious last night.  Not only did McClintock win, he one in what can only be characterized as a blow-out, with the conservative icon grabbing the nomination with a 15 percentage point lead over Ose.

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