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There is a virtual firestorm from bloggers about whether there is an actual tape of Michelle Obama saying the word 'whitey' ...the equivalent of using the N-word.

Is it true? Beats me.  But I can guaran-damn-tee you that the GOP is going to be blamed if there is video, and it is made public.

In fact, the finger-pointing has already begun.

I am urging folks to be cautious about this alleged development. It may just be wishful thinking on the part of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Or it might actually be true, because HRC has employed some of the best and brightest of the dark arts of opposition research.

Does the name Ace Smith ring a bell with anyone?

The bespectacled Smith is considered a take-no-prisoners political operative whose dogged studies into opponents' backgrounds earned him the reputation as one of the nation's most feared opposition researchers.

"I've seen him walk into a room and the opposition candidate will literally start mumbling," former Democratic strategist Clint Reilly once said of him. "They're just terrified with his presence."

Known as the "Doctor Death" of political opposition research, he has led winning campaigns in recent years for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and state Attorney General Jerry Brown.


Regardless, as one who loves to follow the foibles of politicans, family members and supporters (of either side) I will pass along these links on the subject.

Rumor has it Neil Cavuto has the tape and will be releasing tomorrow on his show.

Geraldo discussing on FOX News today

Foxnews: "There IS A Tape With Michelle Obama Making Racist References... "