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I touched down at Oakland International Airport a short while ago, jumped into my big honkin' SUV, aimed the steer-horned grill (in order to spear a couple of priuses) to goofball crazy Marin County where I live, and greeted my family with hugs and kisses.

I spent the weekend meeting with the VRWC. Don't EVEN ask me anything about this secret enclave or our location, because, well, I might have to jump ugly.

Oh, I can report to you that one of the busiest airports in America is nearly empty. TSA told me that jet fuel is so high that people have practically stopped traveling. Shocking. I haven't traveled for awhile. I knew how high prices were going, but I have not eyeballed the effects at Bay Area airports until this weekend. 

I know I am wandering around with random thoughts, but here is the actual purpose of my blogpost.

When I got home and opened my e-mail, I found sizzling news.

ANOTHER GIGANTIC STAR e-mailed to me confirmation that he/she is going to participate in FROM THE LINELINES, the web-based telethon I am producing and co-hosting with the amazing Michelle Malkin!


This is called a "tease" and I am going to keep my secret until Sunday or Monday.

This 'person' is joining Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ollie North, Monica Crowley and many other celebrities from Hollywood on June 26th.

Read more at about our history-making efforts to send the largest amount of care packages EVER to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Make a contribution to send a care package with personalized message to our servicemembers serving in harms way!

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