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People ask me all the time "What does success in Iraq look like?" Some are seriously interested in an answer to the question, others ask it with a challenge and outright hostility.

Catherine Herridge of Fox News apparently gets the same question.

Changing Iraq, One Picture at a Time

You never know where the next story will come from.

One of my FOX colleagues, Andy Ryan, a reservist, has been deployed in Iraq for the last 18 months. We’ve been shooting emails back and forth for a while and just a few weeks ago he sent one that really caught my attention.

The email boiled down to this: Can one soldier and his camera really change Iraq one picture at a time…..

The whole concept got me wondering and once I saw Staff Sgt. Joe Cox’s pictures it was clear to me that Cox was capturing through his lens, the humanity that is often lacking in our coverage of Iraq. We often talk about this war in big broad strokes, but I thought, Cox’s story would provide an intimate look at the war and the people living it.