Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

People! I darn near fell out of my comfy computer chair a few minutes ago.

In my email box, I received a blog posting from Senator Bill Frist. Here is what is says:


02:33 PM - May 29, 2008

By now, hopefully most of you have heard of a great event planned for June 26.  Michelle Malkin has announced on the Hot Air site that Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward will join with Michelle and UStream to present an 8-hour web-a-thon with the goal of sending the largest single shipment of care packages to troops in American history.  The effort has already started and will culminate with the 8 hour web-a-thon, so  let's get started.

What a terrific way to say thanks to our warriors fighting overseas to protect us.  Check out the message from Michelle Malkin at Hot and visit Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward.  Then take the time to look around the Campaign Store and sponsor some care packages to our troops.  You can pick from the packages listed and they will send the care pack to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Campaign Store will make sure the items are personally labeled, indicating who the sponsor of the package was and how you can be reached.  It will also include a special personalized message to our troops that you can choose to include.

I personally urge all of my iFrist volunteers to get involved in this extraordinary effort.  Say thanks to the best military in the world and our valiant soldiers.

Let's challenge ALL members of the U.S. Senate and Congression to do the same, as Senator Frist wrote "say thanks to the best military in the world and our valiant soldiers. "
The good Doctor/Senator is cordially invited to join Move America Forward's telethon. (The e-vite is in the mail!)
188,000 patriots worthy of love. Read it here.