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This news cycle brings conservatives another gift-wrapped present, dangling in cyberspace, accompanied by uber-angst for the Obama campaign.

Yes. Another Preacher Problem.

Jim Geraghty over at NRO parses the controversy.

I thought Jeremiah Wright's sermons at Trinity United couldn't be topped.

Then I saw Obama's other spiritual mentor, Father Michael Pfleger, preaching quite recently, arguing that Hillary cried in New Hampshire because "a black man is stealing my show" and declaring 401k accounts to be expressions of white supremacy.

 It's like watching a white middle-aged priest offer a pitch-perfect imitation of Wright.

Video here:

Background on Pfleger here:

It's like Wright, starting up all over again. Obama can offer us the implausible claim that he didn't know the kind of man Wright, but are we to believe he didn't know what kind of man Pfleger was, either?

Oh Jim, it's all SO confusing for those of us who just  can't figger this stuff out.