Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Aww, those svelte ladies in Pepto Dismal Pink are taking time off from harassing our Marine Recruiters in Berkeley, and focusing their stalking technique on Senator John McCain's campaign. has the video.

Contra Costa Times reporter Kristen Bender (suburban San Francisco Bay Area) has a story on-line now about how the poor, poor Pinko's can't get a crowd for their media-driven antics to undermine support for our troops.

Michelle Malkin's incisive thoughts are reported  here.

Sgt. Sumner just e-mailed this response: 

"When the lives of the Code Pinker's who visited Pakistan were endangered:

Who did they call? The United Stated embassy.

Where did they run? Home, to America."

Here's the money quote:

What's more, Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward said her group is working to send 50,000 care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We are so tired of the negative media generated by Code Pink that Move America Forward is dedicating itself to a historic, cutting-edge concept where we are going to try to bring the largest amount of care packages in American history to the troops," Morgan said. "We are putting our energy into some positive, proactive affirmation for the men and women who are serving our country instead of dealing with the people who clearly despise our troops and their mission."