Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

You folks know my work as Chairman of the largest pro-troops grassroots organization in America.

It has been my deeply held honor to meet many veterans of wars past and present. I have shaken hands and hugged  thousands of honorable men and women, all of whom have left an indelible mark upon my soul.


I have not fought the wars for freedom for this country. But I have reported on these struggles for over three decades, beginning with Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 and most recently from Iraq and Kuwait, where I interviewed hundreds of military men and women. So,  I can only give you the truth of my experiences as I know them.

Debbie Lee is a Gold Star Mother (one who has lost her son in war) and is a daily part of my life and my prayers.

My truth is that I stand with Debbie, all Gold Star Family members on any side of the political spectrum, and this day I acknowledge her family's sacrifice and millions of others across the country who have lost a loved one in war (including my own.)

As Debbie says about her son Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal to die in the war in Iraq, "My son has been re-deployed to Heaven."

And he'll be in great company there.

But Debbie and I will not rest in our efforts to give back to this country, whose mothers and fathers have given birth to a new generation of young patriots.

Read this personal letter from Debbie Lee here. 

Move America Forward has launched an effort to ship the largest number of care packages to U.S. troops - in history. Between now and June 26th we're asking Americans to sponsor personalized care packages that we will then ship over as part of a mass shipment to our troops - just in time for the 4th of July holiday!

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The grand finale for the push will take place on June 26th when an 8-hour Internet Telethon ("From the Frontlines") will take place. This cutting edge production “From The Frontlines” will be broadcast live online by and hosted by Melanie Morgan & Michelle Malkin. Live and taped reports will be broadcast from our troops serving in Iraq & Afghanistan during the historic 8-hour event.

CLICK HERE for complete details regarding the "From the Frontlines" 8-hour telethon that takes place on June 26th. 

Our co-sponsor at has a link here. 

 Memorial Day, May 26th, 2008