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The Return of Street Fighting Man
The Pathology of the New Progressive Violence

Fascism is not far from Nazism, and Nazism was socialist.-leftwing. All you need to do is read Hitler’s writings - he was a fan of Marx and Engels, and also of Islam….because he thought Christianity was an extension of Judaism, he thought it should be destroyed.

Just like the leftists of today.

Here’s the money quote:

Men and women like Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Melanie Morgan and all the other bloodthirsty loons on the Right are the disease vectors by which this kind of propaganda infects the mainstream.

Right. “Loons on the Right are the disease vectors by which this kind of propaganda infects the mainstream”. Rightwing thought has been mainstream for a long time; as far back as I can remember, actually. I take offense to the mention of those names in connection with the term propaganda…to my way of thinking, propaganda has always been and always will be leftist. This is what we’ve come to expect from the left: the cookie cutter personal attack approach; an attempt to attack the messsenger instead of the message. We’ve seen a lot of that coming out of the Obama campaign as the mindless communist minions attack and smear Larry Sinclair because he dared expose a drug and homosexual sex incident in 1999 - after Obama claimed he’d quit using cocaine. All we ask is that he tell the truth–but this is a problem for leftists.

In the marketplace of ideas, leftists have had no new ideas since the communist manifesto. Communist propaganda and Nazi propaganda are extremely close (if in fact there is any distinction between them), which is why the propaganda coming out of the commies, socialists and Islamic radicals that support Obama are so frightening.

And so we are to conclude that TREX is really “tolerant” and “for” the free speech of people who disagree and intellectual diversity which leaves us open to different viewpoints? Which is supposed to be the definition of “liberal”?

In acting now to call them out and expose them as contaminants to the discourse, Obama is not just Doing the Right Thing, he’s playing strategically.

No, he’s reading out of the marxist playbook; like Obama’s official campaign blogger, and staff member Sam Graham-Felsen.


Engels to Eduard Bernstein, 12 March 1881: “The paper must carry this fresh air to Germany, and the best way to do that is to treat the opponent with contempt and ridicule.”

Pot, meet Kettle.