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Left-wing Keith Olbermann syncophants are attempting to hijack my petition. Troop supporters are encouraged to go sign now, and get it back.

Sign the on-line petition now to SUSPEND Keith Olbermann for the slanderous comments against Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham, nationally renowned syndicated conservative talk show hosts who were called "Troop Haters" by Olbermann of MSNBC recently.

OLBERMANN: I cannot imagine that kind of evil knee-jerk reflex. I feel very sorry for those that have shown it. It seems to me these right-wingers have inadvertently shown their true colors, their instinctive hatred for, and contempt for those self-sacrificing Americans who have been needlessly placed in harm's way and the politicians they support.

They hear criticism of our nation's collective conduct in Iraq, and they immediately assume it's the fault of the soldiers. In the wake of an insult that exists only in their minds and never in my words or in my heart, there remains I think only one question to ask: Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, why do you hate our troops?  

In addition, Olbermann has called our troops "Cold-Blooded Killers."

NewsBusters Noel Sheppard shares our outrage.

Enough is enough. Demand Keith Olbermann be SUSPENDED for his slanderous attacks on Levin, and Ingraham. And then boycott GE, the parent company, to show your outrage!

As Chairman of the country's largest pro-troops grassroots organization in the country, Move America Forward,  I will not sit still for the vicious lies that regularly emanate from Keith Olbermann at MSNBC, and the personal attacks on Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham, others of us in talk radio and the blogosphere, as well as regular folks who reasonably support the defeat of Islamic fundamentalism in a hot war far from our shores.

Olbermann's virulent contempt of America and the men and women who wear the uniform have engendered an atmosphere where the military is facing a real and present danger --from fellow Americans

Mark and Laura (as well as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and dozens of other talk show hosts) have devoted themselves and their radio programs to consistently SUPPORTING ALL MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN IN HARMS' WAY.

Keith Olbermann devotes himself to destroying the good will and support of all Americans who wish for our troops to come home from Iraq and Afghanistan in VICTORY, in order to boost his personal ratings on MSNBC.


Here's the link.

The sordid genesis  of this controvery is provided from my earlier blog  here. has the transcript of Mark Levin's demand that MSNBC suspend Keith Olbermann.

Pass the petition around. Take action. Keith Olbermann must pay a personal consequence for his outrageous lies.

Our national security is at stake.