Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

My infuriated blog-posting Tuesday night demanding that all right-thinking people boycott MSNBC is getting kicked around the blogosphere. 

In fact, BashMan over at has used some very creative photo-shopping to take the point further.


Melanie Morgan Calls For MSNBC Boycott Over Olby’s Anti-Troop Bullcrap


The call for a boycott was spurred not only on the smear against Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham , but the earlier  vomit-inducing attack on the United States Armed forces and our Commander-in-Chief, by calling them "cold-blooded killers."

Levin fired back. Must listen to this YouTube.

Many of the comments I have received today rightly point out that NOBODY in their 'right' mind watch MSNBC anyway. But people do watch the parent company GE, and it's subsidary NBC News.

I have never a proponent of boycotts in the past, as I have been targeted by the whack-jobs at Media Matters and other kook fringe groups. One thing that I have learned through the other end of boycotts is that Big Media corporations DO pay attention to this kind of activism.

These people are becoming as emboldened as the terrorists who are attacking our troops. Keith Olbermann is ENABLING the terrorists with his efforts to undermine our war efforts.

(note to lefty's who read this blog: you can call me a war whore, c**t, or any other name, but it won't deter ANY of us determined to see this threat to western civilization defeated. So stop e-mailing.) 

These attacks will NOT remain unanswered.

Guerilla politics 101.