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The KGO Radio talk show host who despised conservatives SO much that he decided to 'expose' our so-called moral hypocrisy since George W.Bush was (s)elected President. He chose to expose the 'hypocrisy of the right' by transmitting pictures of children being sexually abused by adults and engaging in sex with other children. Thankfully, Bernie Ward  is now facing a long jail sentence.

Ward's legal argument that he should be shielded from prosecution because he is a 'journalist' in federal Judge Vaughn Walker's courtroom didn't pass the smell test.

When Judge Walker threw out the defense, Ward's lawyers quickly came to a plea bargain agreement where the disgraced former talk-show host and former co-worker will face sent a long jail term between 5 and 15 years, and send a strong message that shield laws do not protect kiddie porno whack-jobs.

ABC7News in San Francisco has done an excellent job covering this story. Dan Noyes at the I-Team reported what other local media would not.

Now the left-leaning Alexander Cockburn at his political website has a think piece from Debbie Nathan about the ethics of the investigation, and it's outcome here.