Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The bleeping nerve of Keith Olbermann. For a man who regularly stoops to the lowest blows against conservatives like myself, even the Olber-Fuhrer's full-tilt attack machine has gone into hyper over-drive. 

This hateful, evil, twisted individual has the nerve to use the public airwaves to call my friends Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham 'TROOP-HATERS.'

OLBERMANN: I cannot imagine that kind of evil knee-jerk reflex. I feel very sorry for those that have shown it. It seems to me these right-wingers have inadvertently shown their true colors, their instinctive hatred for, and contempt for those self-sacrificing Americans who have been needlessly placed in harm's way and the politicians they support.

They hear criticism of our nation's collective conduct in Iraq, and they immediately assume it's the fault of the soldiers. In the wake of an insult that exists only in their minds and never in my words or in my heart, there remains I think only one question to ask: Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, why do you hate our troops?

I am about as furious as I have ever been with that... that... oh hell.

I am not going to start really cussin' up a storm on this site, but I am sorely tempted.


Brian Maloney at has linkage from around the Net on the desperate, pathetic attempts from MSNBC's slime-ball to grab some ratings from the backs of true patriots like Mark and Laura.

Even Rupert Murdoch at Fox News is getting involved.


Mark Levin has been a good friend every since Sean Hannity introduced us in 2000. He is one of the most decent, kind, loyal and intellectually superior individuals I have ever known. I would walk across broken glass for him.

As Chairman of Move America Forward, the largest pro-troops organization in the country with over a million members, I can assure you that Mark has done more to support American fighting forces than nearly anyone in the talk radio community, working with Sean Hannity criss-crossing the country with the' Let Freedom Ring' tour, with the proceeds going to support a variety of military groups. 

He speaks passionately and eloquently about the war against this great country of ours by fundamentalist Islamic monsters who are murdering our troops. (More about Mark's future contribution for our military in an exclusive that will break on this website this Monday.) 

Laura Ingraham has been to Iraq, interviewed our troops and defended them against the hatred and hostility of people like Keith Olbermann. Beautiful, smart, talented, and witty; Laura is a Warrior Princess for our heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Olbermann doesn't have one patriotic bone in his body. Keith Olbermann is a narcissist who will say anything, do anything to promote himself. Even if it means slandering the very men and women who give up their lives to protect his right to utter lies about them. 

 And he's not particularly entertaining, which is among the worst insults I can hurl at a fellow broadcaster. 

Please folks, DO NOT WATCH MSNBC. Do not encourage the Media Matters fueled hatred of America, our troops, our patriots.

E-mail or phone MSNBC and tell them that Keith Olbermann has crossed the line.


E-mail Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham with your messages of support. I know they don't take KO seriously, but he is seriously damaging the credibility of even the most left-leaning journalists. Okay, that might be redundant, but you catch the gist.