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I am just back from a pre-prom dinner party for 27 handsome young men in grown-up tuxedos and their stunning girlfriends, preening in beaded gowns and professionally coiffed hair.

My youngest son C.J., and his lovely date Sarah, boarded the 'party bus' that would make the U.S. Army envious. It has more up-armoring than the RINO buses that carry our troops in Iraq. 

But inside a different story.

As my eyes strafed the interior, I must have looked like a hooked fish, mouth wide open in astonishment, seeing the TV's, keroke unit, stereos and strobe lights slicing the darkened interior.

Prom night 2008 will cause me less 'mommy' worry than my own over 30 years ago. There is a STRICT No-Alcohol policy, and all kids are checked before they board the party bus, and searched before they pile in again after the prom. Any teen found with booze while on-board will abort the drive, and everyone returned home. No exceptions.

At last, a public high school is doing something smart. For a change.

As I contemplated all the teenage hormones flying around Saturday night, I found this column from Richard Poe of He is writing about the allure of a woman of a certain age, and how men fall under her spell. (Warning, an adult beverage is required before reading.)


...HILLARY CAN still win the Democratic nomination, provided the superdelegates vote for her. I think they will. Over 60 percent are men, and men cannot resist Hillary...