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A ruckus in cyberspace is taking up some bytes today, as conservative bloggers weigh in on Team McCain's decision to open the weekly conference calls to liberal bloggers. On paper, reaching out to liberal bloggers seems like a fine idea, but as a conservative blogger/talk show host I can assure the Senator that he is not only engaging in a futile exercise, he is putting himself in the cross-hairs of slash-and-burn political attacks that will backfire on the campaign.

Apparently the liberals are worried, too. They are terrified some of their ranks may become 'disarmed' by the McCain charm. 

From the Washington Times, Stephen Dinan quotes one lefty blogger, saying..... "This IS a Democratic blog, and as such, it would seem to me that there SHOULD be SOME bias with regards to how YOU report of McCain's craziness, as opposed to treating his ranting and attacks with a sort of dignity they and he DO NOT deserve," wrote one emphasis-abundant reader."

My biggest beef is with the decision-making for the invitee list.

Who the hell decided to invite Greg Sargent of the Horse's Mouth? That will only open up a can of fresh hell for McCain. 

Here's an example of Sargent's hack attack on me.