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Matt Sanchez, the milblogger who has spent several years of his life in Afghanistan and Iraq reporting the truth from the ground, is getting a big blog-buzz over his post of the repeated hacking of WikiPedia by liberals intent on lying about conservatives.

When I was in Kuwait with Matt, we discussed the on-going problems for people like us. Matt has been slandered repeatedly, especially by the a**-holes at Media Matters.

Because my Wiki-profile was so egregiously destroyed for many years, I lost patience in trying to fix it. But "Mr. Determined" set about to correct the entry, spending many hours on a DSL connection from the Middle East repairing my profile.

It took about 12 hours before the posting was attacked/hacked again with stupid lies about my background, my life, my age, and my comments. 

Now some other bloggers like The Crack Emcee are writing about this situation, including Thursday's post here.