Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

There are so many people in the pro-troop universe who are unstinting in their efforts to counter the defeat, retreat and surrender crowd, or as I have dubbed them 'peace-thugs.' 

One young man is deserving of special attention. His name is Leigh Wolf, and he has been in the trenches fighting back against the witches of CodePink,, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Funk the War, and others in the moonbat crowd who are trying to chase away the Marine Recruiters on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, Calif.


(Leigh Wolf in a calmer moment talking to CodePink supporter.) 

But in February, Leigh attended Move America Forward's counter-protest in Berkely, armed with a few friends and a camera. Events quickly raged out of control.

I was behind Leigh as he was surrounded by angry, violent teenage truants who were skipping school from Berkeley High School. Despite my efforts push my way through the violent crowd, I reached him after some punk took a swing at him. Leigh was shaken.

You can see it all in this video.

And the video the SF State Republicans and Leigh Wolf produced here.

Leigh is a senior at San Francisco State University, President of the College Republicans, and tireless advocate for conservative causes.

He has taken on the Islamists at San Francisco State University, inviting the renowned author and activist David Horowitz to speak to the students at SFSU.


 As a result, Leigh has received numerous death threats, lawsuits, harrassment, and was assaulted by the 'peace thugs.'. 

During it all, Leigh stood tall. 

The young Mr. Wolf and I have worked together at many, many events in the past: most recently (again) in Berkeley where the crones and nose-wart crowd attacked him because he is not in the military, calling him a coward. I heard those attacks, and others, and it disgusted me.

Leigh is a HERO.

(See Leigh take on whack-job Sean Penn at SFSU from YouTube.)

Leigh Wolf on The Bill O'Reilly Show here.


On the Brian Sussman show at KSFO in San Francisco this evening, Leigh's grandmother called to say that after his last experience with the CodePinkos in Berkeley, Leigh reaching a tipping point in his seething with anger at the anti-war filth that swarmed the streets.

Wolf is two classes short of a college degree in broadcasting, but he came to the conclusion that he must show the rest of the country that there are young men and women of his generation who are STILL enlisting in the fight against Islamists in Iraq and other parts of the world.

So, this young man set aside his own aspirations, and has now formally enlisted in the military. 

His grandmother is so proud, and I am sure that the rest of his family is as well.

 I am proud to know Leigh Wolf. 

Leigh is truly an extraordinary person--smart, passionate, funny and understands strategy and tactics in the war against the left.  

Now he is a soldier in America's army.

What a disappointment for the Pepto-Dismal CodePink crowd. With their taunts, jeers, and white-hot hatred of America, they have created a backlash among our young.

The Marine Recruitering station in Berkeley reports that since the CodePinko witches flew in on their broomsticks, recruiting has gone up.

Damn, Medea Benjamin must be throwing some more spells over this good news for our country.

Move America Forward's dash of salt to ward off evil spell against our Marines and their efforts to dissuade our young from serving their country really worked!


And some prayers are in order, too.