Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

My Marin County, Calif. neighbor and famous left-wing activist Sean Penn, who regularly denounces America and our values, shocked the chic crowd at the Cannes Film Festival today by CRITICIZING Barry Obama.

Has the world gone mad? Or is there something to this story that I am missing?

I can only wonder what San Francisco's own Maurice Kanbar is thinking right now. Maurice is the inventor of SkYY vodka, a movie producer/conservative/philanthropist/inventor.

Maurice is in Cannes right now, and he must be shaking his head. Knowing Maurice as well as I do, I suspect he is having at LEAST two vodka martinis in frustration over Sean Penn and his left wing, nut-ball activism.

Or not.

Is it possible Penn has out-grown his rapid weasel support of all politicans who won't support this country and our troops?

I can't wait for our semi-regular lunch at Perry's on Union Street to find out!