Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

While Bay Area readers are waiting for the fun photos (with proper text. and plenty of pictures with names) from the SMASHINGLY SUCCESSFUL luncheon in San Francisco yesterday (my fault, I sent the pictures in a confusing fashion) I thought I would let you know how my Mother's day is going.

Things started out pretty slowly. My husband is in Arizona right now, taking his final exam for Flight Instructor Certification. But he did send me flowers on Friday, and a mash note via e-mail. That perked me up.

My youngest son spent the weekend with his best friend Devon, who turned 17 today. Happy Birthday Devon Swift! I have loved that kid since the 2nd grade, when the boys started tearing things apart (including my furniture, and electronic gear, but boys will be boys.)

However, I have tons of embarrassing pictures locked away in the vault for black-mail purposes later in life.


So, C.J. was gone this morning, therefore I decided to treat myself to brunch. Yummy pasta puttenesca ...more, please!

When I got home, the teen-age unit was baking cookies for me. And the laundry was done. And he turned the TV to CSI, my favorite show, so we could watch together. And tomorrow, he is making dinner. Who knew the boy could cook? Thunderstruck, I decided this Mother's Day is pretty darn good.

 #1 son Greg checked in. Greg and his wife Shelley called on their way to Disneyland with Mother's Day wishes. I'm feelin' the love!

Now I'm going to call my own Mom --and thank her for turning me into a conservative. (Not really. She's a screaming liberal and I don't want to put a damper on the day.)

I'll just blow her a big kiss and a hug.

I want to leave you with one important thought (which is about all I am capable of now.)

When I was at an American base outside of Kuwait a few months ago, I made a special point of talking with female GI's. I sat my butt down next to them at the Mess Hall, and pummeled them with questions about what was like for them serving so far from family. I was shocked to learn that many (if not most) had children home in America while they were serving. They spoke of the incredible hardship of being away from their babies, and how the older kids suffered so much without their Mommys around.. At one dinner, two women, who had seven children between them, discussed the tricky guardianship issues, how they communicate (via e-mail and video link-up's) and the stress on all of them.

They also told me that many female soldiers deliberately get pregnant to get out of the military, in order to get home to their families. (This is something that the U.S. Military needs to look at carefully.)

This Mother's Day is dedicated to all female soldiers (and their own mothers) on this day. God Bless All of You.