Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

A sunny Saturday in San Francisco brought out so many passionate supporters of KSFO Radio, and Move America Forward.

We had a delicious lunch at Fior d’Italia, the oldest Italian restaurant in America, with the tastiest food.

Bob Larive, who hosted the tribute to yours truly, in order to benefit the work we do at Move America Forward to support our troops, is pictured here.

He gave me lots of presents. I like presents. I like Bob more.


Bohdan Papara, super supporter! He has been at almost all our events over the years, with his generous support.

You can see why from this picture. He loves our troops.

Lou and Paulette Bevilacqua (Patty to her friends) joined us on this Mother’s Day weekend. In the middle is Mr. Global Hoaxing, or Brian Sussman to his millions of listeners at KSFO radio. 'Sussdude' is a great friend, and I am honored to know him. Oops, the tears are starting to well up. I miss Brian and all of my pals at KSFO.


Mike and Annette DeNunzio are some of the warmest, most generous conservatives and all around 'great people.'

Mike is running for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Vote for Mike!


Katie Boyd came to our event. She is a new friend (since 2007) who is spirited, powerful, and a go-to person for Republicans.I wish I had her rolodex!  Also, Katie has a very cultured voice that is a pure joy to listen to.


These photos are from our general admission event, that was also very well attended.

Above photo is of Cinnamon Stillwell, a contributor to and conservative blogger. She is kind, smart and a talented writer whom I admire very much.


See how conservatives honor our country when the national anthem is sung? Barack Obama could learn a few lessons from our people.


And our last photo from a smashing event is a gentleman who wanted his picture taken with me because his twin brother is VERY liberal, and he wanted a photo to show his family. My memory is a bit sketchy after meeting so many people, but I believe this terrific guy is Hugh Thompson, of Mountain View, Ca.

Here ya go!