Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


Happy Mother's Day Everyone, including my own Mommy in little ole Halfway, Missouri!

The Fior d'Italia event in San Francisco was a tremendous success, with so many people attending or donating online to Move America Forward. The pictures are coming soon..maybe even tonight.

Meanwhile, thank-you to tons of friends and supporters of KSFO, Move America Forward and me, Mel Morgan!


My colleagues at Move America Forward are sending out the word of the BIG party in San Francisco this Saturday to raise funds for our summer activities to fight against the anti-war Left.

It’s a great chance for me to thank all the listeners of KSFO Radio after 14 years of shared passion for our conservative causes. I hope you can come. The handsome and talented Brian Sussman of KSFO is going to join us, too!

Joe, Danny, Ryan, Cat, Mary, and Sal at Move America Forward wrote this e-mail called “A Trip Down Memory Lane.”

It made me a bit sad that I am not on the radio every day with my friends, but also thankful for my time on the radio with you.

And it reminded me yet again that the fight against the Islamo-fascists is far from over. And my profound gratitude to the warriors in this global struggle.

God Bless,


We're pleased to present this trip down memory lane to remind you of the great work Melanie Morgan has done, working with you and thousands of other pro-troop supporters across America!

This Saturday, Move America Forward will be honoring our co-founder, and tireless pro-troop activist, Melanie Morgan, for all she has done for the pro-troop movement with our " Salute to Melanie Morgan" event.

We're attempting to raise $100,000 for this tribute to Melanie - with all the money being raised going to fund Move America Forward's pro-troop efforts for the summer, when we will fight off the anti-war antics of groups like, Code Pink, and others.  Please make a donation - CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE.

Now enjoy the trip down memory lane..

Melanie Morgan with Marine Mom Deborah Johns at the kickoff of
the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" Tour.  The motorhome they
are standing in front of led the cross-country caravan to
Crawford, Texas where Move America Forward brought out thousands
of pro-troop supporters to reject Cindy Sheehan's anti-military negativity.

Melanie calls in live reports from Iraq during the
"Voices of Soldiers - Truth Tour" organized by Move
America Forward.  MAF led a delegation of radio talk
show hosts who interviewed our troops LIVE on the air
so the American people could hear their reports unfiltered
and uncensored by the negative U.S. media.

Melanie in an armored vehicle heading down Iraq's
"Highway of Death." The road has now been secured by U.S. troops
and is no longer considered a potentially lethal point of passage.

Melanie Morgan on "Hannity & Colmes" to discuss the book,
"American Mourning" she co-wrote with Catherine Moy. 
The book honored those who gave their lives in the war on terror.

Melanie Morgan speaks before thousands at the national
"Support Our Troops AND Their Missions" rally in September 2006.

"Operation Fuzzy Wuzzy" - After Islamic terrorists attacked
a school in Beslan, Russia - killing and injuring thousands
of innocent children, Move America Forward and Melanie
Morgan organized "Operation Fuzzy Wuzzy" which collected
and shipped 5,000+ teddy bears and stuffed animals for the
children who survived.

Melanie with one of the "Surrender Monkeys" MAF
used to make a point outside of Nancy Pelosi &
Harry Reid's offices after Reid declared "This war is lost."

Melanie Morgan on "The Big Story" with John Gibson
discussing the "Censure Jimmy Carter" campaign MAF
launched in response to Carter's attacks against
U.S. Troops and defense of Islamic terrorists.

Melanie Morgan faces off with Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin
outside the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley.  Code Pink was trying to shut down the recruiting center and harass our military men and women, but Melanie said "no way!"

Melanie records one of the first television ads for
Move America Forward in summer of 2004.

Melanie debates anti-war leftist and Al Gore adviser, Naomi Wolf
on Hardball with Chris Matthews.  Melanie electrifies the news
cycle by responding to Wolf's ignorance of the motivations of Islamic
jihadists and telling her, "you're going to look great in a burka."

Melanie Morgan and Debbie Lee (mother of first Navy Seal Who was
killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom) lay a wreath to honor 9/11 victims
and fallen U.S. troops at the World Trade Center Grounds - the location
of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. The event took place during
the "Honoring Our Heroes at the Holidays" national pro-troop tour MAF organized.

Melanie speaks to thousands in front of the U.S. Capitol Following
Move America Forward's "Fight for Victory" national pro-troop tour.

U.S. Troops in Iraq enjoy the Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday
Greeting cards distributed by MAF This past Christmas.  Americans
gave MAF over 226,000 cards to give to our troops.  We were honored
to conceive this program and to be able to bring some holiday
cheer to our fantastic troops!

Melanie Morgan with Colonel Ollie North in Kuwait. Melanie
and Colonel North met with U.S. troops who were on their way to Iraq.
Melanie personally delivered thousands of the 226,000 Christmas
and holiday cards MAF collected for our troops.

Melanie Morgan in the "No Spin Zone" On The O'Reilly Factor.