Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Just got back from Bezerkley.

I showered, like, forever.

Move America Forward, KSFO Radio supporters, plus the UC Berkeley College Republicans showed up to spritz Holy Water and circle the Marine Recruiting Center with salt to drive away the Code Pinko witches casting spells on our Marines.

What a nasty bunch of (alleged) women.

CodePink's Zanne Joi, and the woman whom I refer to as the "little troll" with her "Fuck Bush" shirt, plus other flotsam and jetsam of (alleged) humanity pulled their stunt to 'cast spells upon the Marines' and chase them away from the Recruiting Center.

Not happenin'. 

The Marines report that recruiting is UP, because of the media generated by the protests and counter-protests. 

Pro-troopers showed up today with our flags and our patriotism!

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