Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

We just got back from the Northgate Mall metroplex in Marin County, Calif. where the family+one teenage buddy munched down on $45.00 worth of popcorn, candy and cokes, settling in for movie magic with Marvel's 'Iron Man.'

It's easy to understand why Robert Downey, Jr. and his amazing performance in this movie is setting box office records this weekend.


The Stan Lee story revolves around a brash, brilliant, womanizing young man (Downey) who is the world's biggest arms dealer.

The action begins as Tony/Downey is attacked while riding in a HumVee American soldiers and then taken hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan. His life is saved by Salmon Rushdie (yes, the real Salmon Rushdie) but trying to escape the caves without building the world's most lethal rocket for the terrorists is problematic.

I was growing very nervous that this was going to be the usual Hollywood anti-American, anti-war movie. My anxiety level started inching downward when it became apparent that the good guys ARE Americans, and our can-do spirit.

There is a strong under-current of 'hey, let's give peace a chance.' But I'm okay with that as long as it is 'Peace through Strength.'

There is a surprise at the end of the creditsyou won't see coming unless your usher tips you off.

It is worth the 990,035 credit scroll to see --IF YOU HAVE READ EVERY MARVEL COMIC BOOK EVER WRITTEN.

Otherwise, grab the candy wrappers and head home.

P.S. Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas and company) did a STUNNING job with the special effects. Way cool.