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My heart goes out to the radio legend Paul Harvey, Paul, Jr. and their entire family.  

Lynne "Angel" Harvey fell hard for Paul when he was a nobody.

paul harvey
Radio commentator Paul Harvey and his wife, Lynn, hold a street sign bearing his name in Chicago, on Nov. 15, 1988, after a one-block stretch of East Wacker Drive was renamed Paul Harvey Dr. in honor of the well-known broadcaster.
(AP Photo/Charles Bennett) has the of the story.

"First lady of Radio" Lynne Harvey - Paul's longtime helpmate - dies at 92

He spoke of "Angel" Harvey often on the air, and her illness was one of the reasons he'd been away from the ABC Radio Networks microphone recently (along with his own pneumonia and cataract surgery).


The two met when they were both on staff at KXOK, St. Louis and they married in 1940.


Lynne gets the credit for developing Paul's "Rest of the Story", and she was the first producer to enter the Chicago-based National Radio Hall of Fame, in 1997.


 Museum of Broadcast Communications president Bruce DuMont calls her "one of the most remarkable behind-the-scenes talents in the history of American broadcasting", and he says their marriage "was probably the greatest love story that I've experienced."


ABC Radio Networks President Jim Robinson says "for decades Angel served as a producer, writer and the inspiring force behind 'Paul Harvey News and Comment.'" He also cites her considerable charitable efforts. Lynne Harvey is survived by her husband and their son Paul, Jr. - who's also been involved in the family business as a writer and occasional fill-in for his dad.


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