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I clicked over today for my bi-annual review of the Media Matters slime machine.

These guys! They are such comedians! I always visualize their writer- drones locked in some dank D.C. basement pounding out a 1250 word response to some innocuous statement made by my friends on the Right. If these hacks made money by the word, Media Matters would be bankrupt.

Anyway, I was delighted to discover that my pal Sean Hannity has the lefty crowd braying like asses over comments made on Hannity & Colmes about the Wright/Obama media coverage.

The Ober-Fuhrer Keith Olbermann has named Hannity Worst Person in the World.



But folks, let's say it the way it really is--Hannity in the cross-hairs of the nut-roots crowd is a Badge of Honor. Conservatives could make a bunch of money by having a yearly dinner for the person named 'Worst Person in the World' the most times.

Stray thought. I wonder if my term 'cross-hairs' will cause Media Matters to accuse me (again) of inciting violence?


Media Matters for America only lies about statements made by the Right about the Left.

Rock on, Sean!