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Everybody from Blue America to Red America is weighing in over the national press conference yesterday by Barry Obama --what?! --that's the name that Obama went by during his high school days at his exclusive prep school in Hawaii-- and his renunciation of the Reverand Wright.

So, I might as well join in the chorus.

The ONLY reason BHO is distancing himself is because he is being attacked by liberal MSM, which (shockingly) understands that this controversy has hurt him. Where was MSM when this website reported the facts surrounding Wright's Afro-centric church and his sermons a year ago? Hmmm?

But, I digress.

Obama addressing this question is a serious miscalculation for his campaign. The story would have died (eventually) and every day that he addresses Wright and his spittle-mouthed hatred of white America takes Obama off-message.

The RNC must be doing some salivating of its own.

The question is whether Hillary will be able to capitalize on this misstep.

The answer is Hip-Hip-Hooray YES. The news cycles will be endlessly re-playing the video, the side-by-side comparison of Wright vs. Obama statements for weeks to come.

Playing political pundit here as I often do on TV, the bigger question is whether this will de-rail Obama from the nomination in Denver.

Emboldened, I will say NO.

Obama is still the Democrat nominee no matter how far Clinton's people stretch the story over the bones of decaying HillaryLand to become the next U.S. President.

I could provide a dozen different links to Obama's video, Wright's rantings, and who has what to say. But you have probably seen, read or heard most of them.

So, just pour yourself an adult beverage and watch the temperture rise over liberals Cat Scratch Fever.