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Is anybody aware of the fact that there is a reservoir of oil underneath the shale of North Dakota that rivals Saudi Arabia x 2?

I sorta suspected that to be the case, because my family owns the mineral rights for some property in Wyoming that has (roughly) the same geological composition as North Dakota.

But the environmental whacks have stopped every effort to drill for oil.

Just like they have in the frozen tundra of ANWAR.

With gasoline prices topping $4.15 at my neighborhood station, isn't it time that we started shouting down the hooligans who are slowing our economy? 

PipelineNews has the story from it's special correspondant Dennis Avery here.

April 24, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - One of the most extensive oil deposits in the world - the huge Bakken Formation - underlies North Dakota and Saskatchewan. The Bakken holds up to 500 billion barrels of oil, double the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. But it lies in thin, shallow shale formations that are hard to drill and don’t flow readily. Is the Bakken America’s energy independence; a dire threat of global overheating; or just expensive holes in the ground?