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The story of Iraq war veteran Jason Swartout,  the attack on him, his wife Carrie and their 15-year old son in front of their three younger children still has my blood boiling.

The Swartout's have been regularly counter-protesting against CodePink on a quiet street corner in Edinboro, Pa. until last Tuesday.

That's when all Hell broke loose, as their teenage son shot video of the Lefty activities.

On a public street.

I am hearing that the DA's office is now charging the war veteran and his wife for the incident. If this is true, I am completely stunned.

Updated 4/29/2008

(from GOE website)

Harassment charges are being filed against the Iraq Veteran and his wife and no charges are being filed against the thugs who assaulted them.  How can the District Attorney justify this travesty of justice?

Carrie Swartout was supposed to be on TV tonight with Bill O'Reilly. I'll check YouTube and post if she, in fact, appeared to tell the story of what happened over the weekend in Edinboro, Pa.

Gathering of Eagles has the shocking video is now available here.

It is important to remember that the people who did this are HILLARY CLINTON supporters.

It is important to remember that the Democrats do NOT support the troops.

What in the name of goodness is going on in this country?

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