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Yes, I am proud to be called a "Luce Lady" (please don't tell my husband) after a wonderful event in Santa Barbara this weekend.  I had the opportunity, thanks to Michelle Easton and Camille Hart of the Claire Booth Luce Institute to speak about my subject called "Warrior Princesses of the Right.'

The audience of young, and not so young, and I (reluctantly) include myself in the latter catagory, talked to each other about the important role that Conservative women activists are playing in the national debate about politics.

I had a wonderful time, except for the nasty sinus infection that sent me to bed early, mingling with some very passionate people from the Claire Booth Luce Institute's first Western Regional Conference. It's invigorating that some of the East Coast Conservatives were able to meet with the West Coast Conservatives.

Star Parker, who is a black conservative activist and a former KSFO radio talk show host, did a stunning job of discussing the cultural issues facing America, and the GOP in particular.

I felt particularly proud, because I played a (small) role in helping her launch her radio career. I was amazed to hear that Star was on "The View" with the gossip gaggle, and how she made Barbara Walters really mad. Star is gusty! And talented! And she made Michael Moore really uncomfortable. How good is that?

Word to the wise--never follow Star Parker at a speaking event. She is totally unscripted and completely brilliant.

I was also lucky to meet Kate Obershain, former Chairman of the Virginia GOP, and Fox news regular. I didn't know much about Kate until I got home and Googled her (she spoke while I was recuperating at the hotel) and she has an astounding resume.


I totally empathize with her because she has been viciously attacked by the Left, as have I, because of our conservative positions.

Kate's speech was UStreamed here.


Camille Hart of the CBL Institue just e-mailed that I was UStreamed, too!

The link is here. 

Luce Ladies Rock!