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Please, please, please make this suggestion a reality! has the video of Hillary Clinton's campaign challenging Barack Obama to a Lincoln style debate --no moderator, no one to put the brakes on the 'bitterness' between these highly torqued candidates.

This broadcast would be more fun than a barrel of (cheese-eating surrender) monkeys!

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***For all the left-wing dopes that read my site, this is NOT a racial slur.

I love monkeys.

April (pictured above) is one of my heroines.

I doubt that B. Hussein Obama campaign is dumb enough to fall for the Clinton stratergy --but we can only hope!

Clinton and her people believe that she is soooo smart, and sooo capable in a debate, that she will trounce Obama.

Um, Senator Clinton better watch out what she wishes for.

It might turn out to be a case of dumb and dumber.

Clinton and Obama together --unscripted--will provide a bajillion UTube moments.