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Radical, liberal college professors are on my mind right now ...mainly because my son is applying to universities and colleges around the country as he struggles to define himself for college applications and choose which institutions of higher learning he is interested in attending.

Of course, his Mom and Dad are 'trying' to steer him to places where he will flourish (and I guarantee you that the Ivy League is NOT part of our plan) but it is difficult with a determined teenager who (generally) scorns our advice and tries to go his own way.

One place where I will draw the line is the University of Chicago.

My liberal husband, a native of Chicago, agrees. He says that the University of Chicago does "one thing really well--it breeds commies."

It is a hot-bed of institutionalized hatred of America. ....and it is the place where Barack Obama may meet his political Waterloo.

William Ayers, the 60's bomber, member of the Weatherman Underground, is now an English professor at the University of Chicago. You have heard part of the story about his friendship (casual, claims Obama) but you haven't heard the rest of the disturbing news about his influence on our kids.

City Journal reporter Sol Stern in Chicago goes into depth about the influence of of Ayers, who is taking his platform of hate a big step beyond his past.


"....Unfortunately, neither Obama nor his critics in the media seem to have a clue about Ayers’s current work and his widespread influence in the education schools. In his last debate with Hillary Clinton, Obama referred to Ayers as a “professor of English,” an error that the media then repeated. Would that Ayers were just another radical English professor. In that case, his poisonous anti-American teaching would be limited to a few hundred college students in the liberal arts. But through his indoctrination of future K–12 teachers, Ayers has been able to influence what happens in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of classrooms.

Ayers’s influence on what is taught in the nation’s public schools is likely to grow in the future. Last month, he was elected vice president for curriculum of the 25,000-member American Educational Research Association (AERA), the nation’s largest organization of education-school professors and researchers. Ayers won the election handily, and there is no doubt that his fellow education professors knew whom they were voting for. In the short biographical statement distributed to prospective voters beforehand, Ayers listed among his scholarly books Fugitive Days, an unapologetic memoir about his ten years in the Weather Underground. The book includes dramatic accounts of how he bombed the Pentagon and other public buildings."

Read the whole article here.