Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The blogosphere is beginning to buzz over the story of Jason Swartout, an Iraqi war veteran, alongwith his wife and four children, who stood guard  on a street corner in Pennsylvania with American flags and love in their heart for this country.

They were viciously assaulted by Hillary campaign supporters and other 'peace thugs', stomped, hit and spat upon in front of young children. Their 14-year old son was also injured because he has videographing the demonstration.

This story is going viral now among conservatives, but still has no MSM traction.

Get busy, people.

MaroonedinMarin has more.

UPDATE: Jason and Carrie Swartout have the video of the entire ugly assault. It will be made available shortly. It was in the hands of the District Attorney's office which is investigating whether charges will be filed.