Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Americans will be welcoming home one the outstanding heroes of Iraq's leader General David Petraeus.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is announcing today that General Petreaus is assuming leadership of Central Command in Florida.

General Ray Odierno (Petraeus') second-in-command in Iraq, will take over the top spot.

Speaking to many troop members in Kuwait last January, one of the stories that I reported was the friction between CentCom and Iraq's top military command.

With this news today, that should stop. Petraeus will face Congressional approval, and of course the anti-war bozos will use the hearings to create another circus atmosphere. But General Petraeus, who co-authored the successful 'surge' strategy that has turned the tables on the insurgency, is a sure bet.

General Petraeus -- we salute you! Thank-you for your service and welcome home!