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I have been so busy today working on a fund-raiser for Move America Forward to support our troops,(details coming up shortly) that I have not flipped on the TV,  the radio, or even much Internet surfing.

But in some of my conversations with Jewish and Republican donors this evening, I am hearing expressions of optimism that a Republican will ultimately be in the White House.

Is the base rallying? It appears increasingly so. 

Senator Obama has a BIG problem, evidenced by the Philadelphia debates.

 Jed Babbin at Human Events reports on the 'Glass Jaw' displayed by the Junior Senator from Illinois. 

Okay, let me kick you over to Glenn Reynolds at for his round-up, but before I do let me say this --I am sick and damn tired of hearing Democrats gush about Democrats.

I am ecstatic hearing Democrats continuing to bash Democrats. 

April 22, 2008



Hillary's victory speech was pretty good, at least by her standards. She is no Obama, but certainly made it seem as though she were in for the long haul. Frank Luntz, by the way, agreed, calling it "fantastic, absolutely the best speech I've heard her give."

I cannot recall her giving a better one, but that doesn't make it "fantastic." But here is the key point: Hillary Clinton will not quit at anything she truly dedicates herself to do. In that regard, she reminds me of none other than George W. Bush. . . . I noted, by the way, that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was in the background behind Hillary, clapping away for the cameras to record. He has apparently recovered from his bout of superdelegate vapors.


Watch those weathervanes over the next few days.

UPDATE: Now Obama's on, and he's declaring victory because, well, he just is. Also, Bush is evil. TalkLeft has more.

MORE: Jennifer Rubin thinks Obama sounds bitter. More here.

STILL MORE: Marc Ambinder: Clinton Internet Fundraising: 100K in 20 minutes?

FINALLY: A foolproof prediction: Six more weeks of pandering!

CARLY FIORINA FOR VICE PRESIDENT? I don't see it. She certainly doesn't come off very well as a manager in Michael Malone's book on HP.

Here's our interview with Malone, by the way.