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As most readers of this blog probably know by now (although some are still discovering the news) I was laid-off after 24 years with Citadel broadcasting, the former ABC radio heritage stations, because of the implosion of Citadel Broadcasting stock.

As a 'gruntled' ex-employee (which means I am having a wonderful life off-the-radio doing exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it) I am feeling pretty sassy about reporting the trevails of Citadel.

The word today is that Citadel is BLOCKING the excellent reporting from media insider/analyst Jerry Del Colliano from its company servers.

Del Colliano's blocked column also reports that my former radio station KSFO in San Francisco may be up for sale, according to persistant radio industry rumors.

Is CEO Farid Suliman totally NUTS?

Doesn't he understand that this will make the column that criticizes Suliman go viral?

...because that's exactly what is happening.