Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The latest hit from the anti-American crowd is popping up all over the Internet.

...and I have learned that I am now part of the 'religious right' who are seen as PRO-WAR, extremist, and intolerant. 

Who knew? My friends neglected to tell me, darn it.

 Maybe they should have staged in intervention for suffering intolerants, including most of the country AND all Americans who support the troops AND their mission. Shame on us.

From Malcontents.blogspot

 "A group of 44 right-wing, extremist American leaders had released a Declaration last fall urging the continuation of American policy in Iraq and warning of catastrophic consequences if America withdrawals from Iraq.

The unique Forgotten American Coalition is composed of both Anti-Semitic and Christians-for-a-militaristic-Israel groups, all of whom lean to the extreme right and expose authoritarian, militarist ideologies.

Several individuals signing the document were blasted in the ADL's 1994 publication, "The Religious Right: An Assault on Tolerance and Pluralism in America," (cover pictured above) warning that "an exclusionist religious movement in this country has attempted to restore what it perceives as the ruins of a Christian nation by more closely seeking to unite its version of Christianity with state power."

Okay, I can go with the 'intolerant' description. I am fiercely intolerant of dopes like Michael Leon, who seek to undercut support for our military.