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Actually, Albany, Calif. which is close enough to scare the bejabbers out of CODEPINK this weekend.

The Pepto-Dismal crowd vacated when hearing that TWO DOZEN leather-clad bikers, former Marines, were headed for traitor H.Q.

ABC7 News has video and details here.

Thomas Lifson, founder of watched the events unfold and has a great report here.

April 19, 2008

Marines demonstrate against Code Pink

Thomas Lifson


Today I attended a demonstration of Marine veterans against Code Pink, held in front of the  group's headquarters, on Solano Avenue in Albany, CA, just over the city line from Berkeley. Needless to say, it was quite a sight, and I took a few pictures, which more or less speak for themselves.

The mood was ultra-calm. A cop I spoke to was mellow as he confirmed there were no incidents. The Code Pinkos were absent, but left a couple of signs (see link above)

I am SO proud of the Marines. Job well done!

Semper Fi!