Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

 UPDATE: Reviews on debate mixed, Netroots furious over co-Moderator George Stephanopolous for asking topical questions (kinda.)

Little George defends his performance.


Noel Sheppard at reports on the Bitter Family quarrels.



The debate is almost over and nothing surprising happened.

No questions about B.Hussein Obama and Jodie Evans of CodePink, close friend of Obama, who bundled $50,000 for his campaign from an avowed supporter of terrorists.

CodePink sent $660,000 to the families of terrorists, and hugs up Hugo Chavez.

Catherine Moy and I have written about this as exclusive information, and Ben Johnson at follows up.

Hillary is yammering on about 60 days out of Iraq. The committment to withdraw is the fault of the Iraqi's --NOT the terrorists--it's disgusting. It's about the position of the U.S. in the world, and not about murdering bastards who are intent on killing all of us.

I can hardly bear to watch this.

Obama is re-iterating his support for Israel. Yeah, right.

No questions yet raised by Sister Toldjah and special interest financing that is fueling Obama's campaign. No one expects questions about the same subject concerning Hillary, because everyone knows what a special interest slime that she and her husband have always been.

And finally, guns and Hillary. She's going to bring back the COPS program, and a ban on assault weapons. COPS program has never been proved effective, and banning assault weapons is not going to get rid of assault weapons.

But, don't you know, that gun-owners are still GOOD people and she'll srike the right balance of constitutional rights.

Obama admits he hasn't looked at the issue closely. Really? He has come out in favor of gun control everytime he has voted on it.

Does Obama still favor the licensing of guns? Charley Gibson says his hand-writing was on the questionaire. Obama denies it.

Obama says we have to get beyond politics of gun control? How?

It's not possible. But remember, Hillary says it's all BUSH's fault, and Dick Cheney too.

Now Hillary says she doesn't know all the facts. Typical.

But she supports New York City gun ban...but admits it won't work in Montana.


I'm bored with all of this's the same liberal stupid positions, or non-positions that the Left has always has taken.

Summing up, Mrs. Clinton was looking strong tonight, especially in the early going.

Obama looked and seemed defensive, but improved later on. But he looks stressed to it me, or are there dark circles under his eyes?

GRADING THE PERFORMANCE --I'm saying the debate goes to Hillary. Will it help her with Pennsylvania?