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Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that I am supposed to feel grateful that I am writing a check to the IRS today for $41,000 and a check to the state of California for $8,000.

...the arguement goes that you made SO much money that you should be happy to turn over the dough to the United States government.

Well, I'm not. I'm pissed. I hate paying this kind of cash (including our witholding, a whole other story.)

I'm stuck (and millions of other Americans) because we sold some stock that was going to CRASH otherwise. Let's eliminate the capitol gains tax.  If we had a flat tax, I wouldn't have migraine headaches around this time of year.

It's good for America, and it's good for me. Good for me has a nice ring to it.

How come I don't feel rich? Every dime that we realized from the sale of the stock is going into IRA's, and investments so that my family doesn't end up dumpster diving in our golden years. Or making ourselves a burden on our children, as well as future taxpayers.

I got canned from my job, through no fault of my own and my unemployment benefits of $11,500 are totally taxable.

This sucks.

But Dave Barry at the Miami Herald Tribune at least made me smile, and I hope you do, too.

Remember, all the Democrats in the presidential race want to raise your taxes.

Vote Republican. I do.