Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Activism Alert! 

Monday is going to a HUGE day for us to show our Red, White and Blue in the Blue State of California.

My friend Mike Anderson, Sr. is kicking things off by testifying for the Gold Star License plate bill, SB 1455.

Mike, Jr. was killed in Iraq by Islamic fundamentalists. Our California "Gold Star" family members deserve a special license plate, like they have in 26 other states. Due to the anti-war, anti-American sentiment of many lawmakers, this bill looks iffy.
Tami Jenkins, a military Mom, has been asked to testify in Sacramento on Monday, April 14 in favor of Assemblyman Guy Houston's Bill 2615. 

 This Bill is asking the State Controller to withdraw transportation funds from the City of Berkeley until the City Council withdraws their permit for free parking for Code Pink in front of the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley, where Code Pink regularly harasses our Marines.


 Tami is going as a Patriot and Soldier's Mother--- others who will be joining her in support. 

Let's fill the Assembly hearing room with supporters!

 If you would like to read the verbage of the entire bill (it's not long) you can go to and put in the bill # 2615 and read what it is about. 

 The hearing starts at 1:30 but the bill would be not presented until much later, toward the end of the could be as late as 7:00. 

There will be a press conference held at 1:30, so a large group then would be great also.

Let's get out to Sacramento, and show the legislators that we mean business!