Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

...well, maybe it's not so secret after all.

It's a numbers game.


 Many fine organizations like The Young America's Foundation are involved, where I gave a speech this weekend and met some super smart kids. bright they made my head ache with their incisive questions and comments. 

YAF purchased the property that now safeguards the Ronald Reagan Ranch, operates the RR Library in Santa Barbara, California, has conferences and seminars for high school and college age students, brings campus speakers, and runs a National Journalism Center.

The reason I tell you this is because I spent the past two days in Santa Barbara,  speaking to 15 college campus leaders, the creme de la creme of activists. We met in a secret enclave (can't tell you where, or I'd have to kill you, but trust me you can find it with a GPS dialed to Bug Central.)

I gave a speech about Activism 101, even though these young people were way beyond the beginning stages. I called it that because I had to drop out of college after my freshman year, and I didn't know what came after 101 in course curricula numerology.

I'm digressing and apologizing at the same time.

The point here is that there is a place for our young people to learn about individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values outside of their own families. It's a re-inforcing effect, and it works. 450,000 students and new political leaders are getting their start with the help of Ronald Reagan, God Bless his soul.

I met Alex Marlowe from UC Berkeley, who gave my own son some great advice about where to go to school, Iris Somberg who cracked me up with her dry wit, and many other really wired and connected kids.

One of them actually called me 'adorable' after we hung around the campfire. Since I am old enough to be her mother, I was a bit confused. But then my son explained to me that I look 30 years old.

My son is now $50 dollars richer, and I'm really happy with the 'adorable' description.

If you are interested in activism, or your parents, brothers, sisters, crazy relatives or your dog, please read further for a few excepts from my speech.

Not all of it, though. 

I may be re-cycling some of it in the future.

Thank-you Patrick Coyle for the invitation, because my heart sings when I (hope) that I am motivating future conservatives.

Kirby Wilbur, of KVI in Seattle, one of the smartest talk-show hosts in the galaxy, also spoke. And he even stayed around an extra day to see and hear me speak.

Maybe it's because I travel planet-to-planet without a space-ship. 

Dishonorable Mention at Student Gathering

 Andrew Breitbart, who works with Matt Drudge, runs, Breitbart.TV, created The Huffington Post (and exited when he realized the commies were in charge) STOLE MY ROOM.

But fortunately, everything resolved before gunplay ensued.

April 26th, I'll be back in Santa Barbara to talk to the Claire Boothe Luce ladies.

My subject: "Warrior Princesses of the Right, Keeping the Home Fires Burning for our Military Men and Women In Iraq and Afghanistan." 

Check out their website.  

As I said before, it's a numbers game.


It is not easy to introduce myself because I wear so many hats related to different issues. Some may know me as “Mother of the Recall,” from my work getting former California Gov. Gray Davis yanked from his political pulpit in Sacramento.Others think of me as the radio woman who stopped California treehuggers from putting deadly MTBE in our gasoline. Yet others know that I am chairman of the nation’s largest pro-troop organization and a TV commentator. Depending on what side of the fence you stand on, that makes me either a war-monger or an angel. (For the record, I am neither!)Whatever you call me, please make sure it isn’t LIBERAL. I would rather be water-boarded by a group of anti-American fascists, such as the anti-war group Code Pink, than spend my days as a liberal activist. I would never fit in with the liberal agitators who attack military recruiters, disrupt funerals for soldiers, and NEVER take baths.So today I’m going to talk about Conservative Activism 101. Many of you have already entered the fray and worked on political campaigns. Choosing an issue to support is critical. Think about it: You are going to spend many hours of your life pushing this issue and, if you don’t support it wholeheartedly, you’re not going to be happy giving up your family, friends and food for the effort.No. 1 safety tip: Pick your targets, or issues, carefully.As I have already said, you need to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the issue that you are going to give your life to. A campaign cannot be successful until everybody is swinging with full force. I enjoyed getting up everyday after I kicked off the campaign to recall Gray Davis because I believed it was best for the state to get him out of office. I also believed that we COULD dump him. It is important to be realistic about a campaign. It’s a real downer to go into a campaign and lose. While there is no perfect way to determine if you’re issue will win, a winning team will always read their tea leaves, pound the dirt and pray before launching a frontal assault.We knew the people of California were sick and tired of rolling electrical blackouts, crazy government spending, high taxes and inept leadership. We saw an opening and we ran for the door.I like to think of President Reagan’s quote about the Cold War and apply it to activism: "Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose." - Ronald Reagan