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Hillary brushes off questions about the last time she went to Church, and the last time she fired a gun. Um, I believe that would be, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah. Hypocritical.

Hillary Clinton, the first serious female presidential candidate, like, ever, is portraying herself as a Church- going, Pro-Gunner.

(Stop the laugh-track, sound engineer.)


I’m trying to remember how many times I have seen her at the gun range, sharpening her skills with her .357 magnum.


Wait. (still thinking.)


Wait. ( still Googling.)

Okay, so there is NO record of her ever having shot a gun.


The good news is that Senator Clinton's surrogate, Ann Coulter, is quite accomplished with firearms. This is undoubtedly going to off-set the chatter of verbal attacks from the right directed towards Mrs. Clinton.

So, let's just call it a wash, shall we? has a post response from “Susannah” who sums it up succintly. [Clinton]..” would portray herself as an albino, Druid, transgender, woodcarver if she thought it would get her votes.”



Meanwhile, Jimmuh Carter and AlGore line up at the shooting range (figuratively speaking, of course) to pow-pow the pistol-packin’ Mama right out of the race.