Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

 Susan Duclos, also known as 'Spree' has been blogging for our troops with verve, nerve, and dedication for quite some time now.

When she e-mailed and asked me to re-post, I had to jump right on it.

After you read the story of how the PGR is trying to re-unite the remains of Vietnam Vets with a proper burial spot, go down to the next link, where I promise your blood will boil.

From Spree,

Last night I was asked by a friend in the Patriot Guard Riders, to help spread the word about a group that had made it a mission of bring the cremated remains of their brothers in arms, to their proper resting place or families.

Read it and if you think it is as worthy as I did, please help spread the word.

They deserve better than this.

Watch your blood pressure when you read this next link reminds you why Germany has a stained history, and deservedly so.