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Two brothers, both Marines, serving their country in Iraq, came home safely to the San Francisco Bay Area last night.

And they were greeted as heroes at the Oakland airport by the Patriot Guard Riders, EaglesUP West Coast coordinator Doug Lyvere, family and soon- to- be friends.

KPIX News covered it here.

250 people showed up!

The Boy Scouts waited anxiously to say hello.

I know that readers of this blog from the South, the Midwest and other parts of the country don't get why this is a big deal.

Y'all greet returning servicemen and women all the time.

Not so much here.

It's because we are in Liberal Land, where many/most do not celebrate the service and sacrifice of our heroes.

Gentlemen, job well done. Welcome home to Joshua and Michael Woodruff.

John Woodruff is beyond words.

Renee Woodruff is over the moon. Can you tell from her e-mail?

....The reception at the airport of 45 Patriot Riders was only piece of the puzzle.  Their arrival in Oakland was celebrated with two fire trucks creating a water arch for the plane to pass through.  Then they were escorted home, where at best count 250 people, were waiting to thank them personally. They included the local VFW bag pipes included to a company of boy scouts standing at attention in front of the flag that would not fit in front of the house (my guess 100ft x 50ft.) Assemblyman Guy Houston was on hand to personally thanked them along with many others to numerous to mention.  When it quieted down I asked them if they knew how much their service was appreciated and how proud of them we are! They got the message!

Semper Fi!!