Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Ah yes, Madame Speaker, who is so busy micro-managing the war while under-cutting our troops, finds herself otherwise engaged when it comes to meeting Iraq War Heroes.

(See No Good, Hear No Good, Speak No Good. That's our San Fran Nan!)   

Pelosi: Wouldn't meet with Vets for Freedom.
Pelosi: Wouldn't meet with Vets for Freedom.

(From New York Post)

April 9, 2008 -- Today, New York City will host a handful of America's 21st century patriots - bona fide combat heroes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They'll be visiting TV and talk-radio outlets and a Bronx school - to share the facts about what they've seen.

Meanwhile, even Reuters News Agency is forced to admit that the change in strategy in Iraq resulted in a big political loss for the Democrats.


Petraeus soon made clear he saw his job as not just to improve security in Iraq but also to buy time for his efforts in the United States. He talked about speeding up the "Baghdad clock" and slowing down the "Washington clock."

The general recruited leading Washington military analysts as advisers and encouraged commanders to cultivate good relations with the media. That approach helped produce positive editorials and coverage of U.S. efforts in Iraq.

Even opponents of the war say Petraeus has been successful in winning time, although they are skeptical about progress towards lasting stability among factions in Iraq.

What the Reuters report neglects to mention is the pro-troops organizations like Move America Forward and many others banded together to fight the public relations war in the media.

Facts in evidence that the Mainstream Media hate to admit.