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Here in San Francisco, ground zero for protests, counter-protests, street theater and political guerrilla tactics and pro-Chinese demonstrators got punked today.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (Governor Wannabe) cut short the Olympic Torch run because the streets were filled with furious confrontations by the two sides.

(Contra Costa Times)

( Noah Berger )
Olympic torch heading to Buenos Aires after tumultuous day
After runners carried the Olympic torch on a completely altered route through San Francisco today, the flame was transported late this afternoon to the airport, where it will be put on a plane for it's next stop, Buenos Aires.

The supporters of Dalai Lama and the pro-Tibet side have a legitimate beef with the government of China.

The Chi-Coms are stomping these people into submission. But many of the protestors marching up and down Market Street and at Justin Herman Plaza are just rabble-rousers who live and breathe anarchy. Some are paid to do so. They don't care about the situation in Tibet anymore than I care about the people who protest global warming.

Here's the question: where were these agitators when the Chinese cracked down on the Tibetans in an especially brutal way during the Clinton administration? Where was Mrs. Clinton? Is this why she threw the lamp at Bill after he sold tech secrets to the Chinese government?

I am debating whether I should call Mrs. Clinton a protest whore.

NOW she's a big-time supporter of Tibet, when it is easy to pander to her left-wing base.

Better not.

She might get mad.

And throw another lamp.