Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Have many times have your kids been forced to watch 'An Inconvenient Truth' without any balance in your schools?

My son saw it three times the year it came out. I have seen reports where other youngsters watched that piece of garbage seven times, and worse.

 Al Gore made his chops in Hollywood with an Oscar, and he busted the chops of anyone who has denounced global warming as a huge HOAX on the American public.

Well, Sister I Toldjah So (with apologies to the real Sister Toldjah blog-mistress) can't help reveling in this piece from USA Today Today.

My former co-host at KSFO, Brian Sussman, is probably ranting and raving on the radio even as I type. He is a meterologist. He goes slightly insane, frothing at the mouth, and starts hurling (his verbal spears) on this subject.

(Brian Sussman, the lovable, huggable host with the most contempt for GW B.S)

The scary thing is that Brian, if he were still working in TV as a meterologist, could be stripped of his certification for holding his views. That's because Dr. Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel thinks that the 'deniers' are dangerous. So does Al Gore. And most Liberals.

Brian isn't dangerous. A little excitable from time to time, but he's a harmless guy who just likes to fire up his leaf-blower whenever there's a Smog Alert in the Bay Area. I think that's fairly reasonable. I like to jump into my Great Big Honkin' SUV and circle the block four or five times when I hear about Smog Alerts. Brian gets mad at me because I forget (occasionally) to get my generator going, like he does, and then mow the lawn. 

I like to think my additional contribution is valuable, too, because I light a fire in the fireplace (which the global hoaxers say will scorch another huge hole in the Ozone) while keeping a sharp eye out for the fire cops. Under regulations from the California Air Resources Board, I could be arrested. But thankfully, the hot-heads at CARB were shot down by global coolers like Brian.

However, we must be vigilant when dealing with seriously disturbed, emotionally driven insane people.Why? Because they are making headway thanks to the 300 million dollar advertising campaign that ALGORE is orchestrating, whose minions are infiltrating our schools and propagandizing our children. Hitler would be proud. 

Fight back, folks. Mother Earf needs you.